1. There is so much information. The AI must narrow it down.

    The AI knows tremendous amounts of things. Communicating just one of these things to a human is painfully slow. It is aware that when it communicates too many things, people lose interest, or forget.

    The AI does best aswering specific closed-ended questions. Not “Who wants to borrow my pants?” but “Does Reynolds want to borrow my pants?”. A person might not know what question to ask. In that case, the AI will supply a limited amount of information according to an algorithm it has to decide what is mostly likely to be understood and helpful. It is not the greatest algorithm, and is mostly to try to prompt the humans to think and then ask questions.

    1. This is by far the most realistic reason to withhold information. Even modern AI available today does this. You don’t need to go super-futuristic. The major strength of AI is being able to analyze vast amounts of data very quickly, far beyond the ability of any human to comprehend. The amount of information communicated with our tiny meat brains must be limited, or we would lose the signal in all the noise

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